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Groo: Play of the Gods #3: By Sergio Aragones, Wordsmith Mark Evanier, Colorists John Ercek and Tom Luth & Letterer Stan Sakai.  The search for cheese dip continues!

Mech Cadet Yu #2: Written by Greg Pak, Illustrated by Takeshi Miyazawa, Colored by Triona Farrell & Lettered by Simon Bowland.  Training montage!
Lumberjanes #42: Written by Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh, Illustrated by Ayme Sotuyo, Colors by Maarta Laiho & Letters by Aubrey Aiese.   Continuing time weirdness shenanigans!

the Unbeatable Squirrel-Girl #24: Writer Ryan North, Artist Erica Henderson, Color artist Rico Renzi & Letterer Travis Lanham.  Dino-Ultron vs. USG & Antonio the Doombot!

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Haven s.4:  Well that was certainly a drop in quality.  Though Colin Ferguson at least seemed to be having fun as the Big Bad.  And his motivations at least remained consistent, unlike some other characters.  And several more bad endings for female secondary characters.  Also stupid Brother of Duke.  And then I tried to go on to season 5, but just too terrible so I skipped to the finale.

the Lobster:  What the hell was all that?  I'm too baffled and hurt (poor dog brother) to give this a positive or negative review.   Just weird all around.

the Good Place s.1
:  Ahhh, now this rewatch is the motherforking shirtballs.  Hurry up season 2!

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Started the evening with Matt's wizard Sillius getting his draws from the Harrow deck of many things.  Not surprisingly (and with zero Harrow points of his own remaining) Matt went with the maximum four draws.  For which he got his own ants, his own paladin summoning sword, a level, the speed increase and three extra draws.  Leading to him being permanently blind, losing a level at night and the opportunity to trade his own life potential for magic items from a other-dimensional merchant.  So he aged himself two age categories  and got a headband to compensate for being blind and a belt to compensate for the stat loss of being older.

After that we began to explore the 4th level of the castle.  Well after Bill's cleric Terry healed the blindness of me and the witch.  Then to the exploring.  Led by Sillius in gaseous form using his limited range thoughtsense.  This led to a battle with a horned devil and a group of Red Mantis Assassins.  The devil dealt out some heavy damage early with a fireball and lightning bolt, receiving some return fire from Eric's Thrumm's holy arrows.  Only to then go down with a single critical hit from Frazier's Krogar.  After that the RMAs were just mopping up.

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Swiss Army Man:  Started this very odd movie, but when Paul Dano started using his corpse buddy as a waterskin, I kind of had to tap out.

Arrow s.4: Neal McDonough's Demien Darhk is pure villainous joy.  Also John has a lousy brother, Felicity has a super-villain dad and Oliver has a son.  Plus John Constantine and Vixen.  Evil Magic Merc isn't the best flashback story, but its better than Hong Kong.

Bojack Horseman s.4: For Bojack this season has the most hopeful ending of the series.  I mean there are several romantic relationships that collapse, a drug overdose and some senior dementia.  And yet still the most upbeat ending in awhile.  Bonus: Potential new character that lets people type asexual axolotl.
Arrow s.5:  Prometheus isn't as fun as Dahrk was, but he is even more Evil Geniuser than previous main villains.  And a finale that brings back Nyssa, Merlyn, Slade AND Captain Boomerang.  And Laurel's Evil Twin!  And lastly Russian Bratva flashbacks with Dolph Londgren.

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Giant Days #30: Written by John Allison, Pencils by Max Sarin, Inks by Liz Fleming, Colors by Whitney CogarLetters by Jim Campbell.  Daisy & Ingrid get more stable, while Susan & Graham get found out.

Astro City #47: Writer Kurt Busiek, Artist Mike Norton, Lettering & Design John Roshell & Sarah Jacobs of ComicraftColor art Peter Pantazis.  G-Boy!  A man with all the powers and strengths of a Corgi dog!
Doom Patrol #8: Writer Gerard Way, Penciller Nick Derington, Inker Tom Fowler, Colorist Tamra Bonvillain & Letterer Todd Klein.  When a woman loves her anthropomorphized former house pet too much.

the Wicked & the Divine #31: Writer Kieron Gillen, Artist Jamie McKelvie, Colourist Matthew Wilson, Letterer Clayton Cowles & Flatter Dee Cunniffe .  Woden plots something against Dio and Inanna while Amaterasu tries to reach out to Sakhmet.  And a Pantheon member dies.

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Light week again.

Saga #46Art by Fiona Staples, Written by Brian K. Vaughan & Letters & Design by Fonografiks.  Petrichor & Prince Robot do some bonding, while Alanna and her family visit the Endwife.
Savage Dragon #226: Erik Larsen, with Chris Eliopoulos letters, Nikos Kovtsis colors & Mike Toris flats.  Death of original flavor Dragon and merged Multi-Earth President Trump.

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This session we were down our archwizard as Matt had a previously planned baseball outing with his son.  But we ended up not getting into combat, so that worked out.  Instead we located the missing bones of the dead tiefling noble and returned with them to attic floor.  There new ghost buddy and old ghost guide combined their powers and haunted Harrow (not-Tarot) decks into a Harrow Deck of Many Things.  One where we could spend our Harrow points to cancel out a card and redraw.

For those not familiar with D&D's deck of many things, its basically random draws from a standard 54-card deck where each card has a different magical effect, some good and some bad.  So each of us choose to take the maximum four draws (with Matt getting the chance to choose when he returns next session), which if it weren't for those Harrow point cancels is just NUTS.  Even if I was the only one who pulled disaster cards that had to be avoided, the Idiot which would have drained 3 points from each of my mental stats and one that would have disintegrated me.  I ended up with a true & false vision to be determined later, something called the Theater to be revealed later, an engagement to a genie and a Redo any one choice my character has ever made.

Bill & Eric, among other things, both got the +1 level card.  Aaron ended up with Immunity to fire/Vulnrebility to Acid, +30 base movement (but 3 more forced deck draws), Automatic critical hit confirmation for him and when people crit against him, 4 pet giant ants and then I forget the rest.  Krogar the Fighter is more than a little double-plus bad-ass now; on top of where he was a 15-straight Fighter.

Wind River

Aug. 31st, 2017 02:14 pm
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Pretty good movie where Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch have to solve the mystery of a dead woman found in the snow.  I think it even manages to avoid being a White Savior/We Need a White Guy story despite being about two white protagonists and the story being about crimes committed against Native Women and the poverty of life on the Rez.  I think a lot of that goes to the strong supporting work of Graham Greene, Julia Jones & Gil Birmingham; among others.
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the Girl With All the Gifts:  I imagine the scene at the start with all the kids in restraints would be extra freaky for someone coming at this movie cold.

the Tick s.1:  Not as zany funny as the cartoon, but much action-y than the previous live-action version.  I did like the expansion to Dot's character.  And the rest of the cast, main and supporting all do good work.  A little bit irritated at the whole release 1/2 a season and then the rest sometime next year thing.
Little Witch Academia s.2:  Basically the same as season 1, cute and amusing if slight.  Expected stories push Power of Friendship and the Real Magic is Believing in Yourself and so forth.
Arrow s.3: Early part of the season meanders a bit before focusing in on Ra's and the League of Assassins as the main foe.  And Amanda Waller (outside of when written by a very few writers) has motivations that just remain baffling, making the flashback portions weaker than previously.  But strong character work and some very strong episodes in the back-half.

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Light week.
Lumberjanes #41: Written by Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh, Illustrated by Ayme Sotuyo, Colors by Maarta Laiho & Letters by Aubrey Aiese.  Jo builds a device to try and track the way time seems to be wonky at camp and everyone builds paper airplanes for science.

Saucer State #3: Writer Paul Cornell, Artist Ryan Kelly, Colorist Adam GuzowskiLettering Simon Bowland.  Senator Dunfries morphs into a pseudo-Trump, the President's team goes to learn what all the military has on aliens and the Bluebird group reorganizes post alien arrival revelation.  Plus someone eats a fairy cake.

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ketoomkitteh babbehs

scairt kittensmol paw beanssmol but fierce
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Siblings Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Riley Keough make plans to steal the concession money from the Charlotte Motor Speedway with the help of imprisoned Daniel Craig.  Multiple mini-capers and misdirections to the main heist.  Not quite as good as Soderbergh's Ocean's 11, as the cast don't have the perfect chemistry that one did.  But funny and clever and the main four cast members jell together very well.
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Arrow s.2: Brother Blood, the return of Count Vertigo, Clock King, Slade Wilson & flashback Professor Ivo & Slade Wilson.  Oh and the League of Assassins & some Suicide Squad Deadshot.

the Defenders:  I like Danny the Well-Intentioned Dumbass here better than Smug Ass or Self-Righteous Ass in his own series.  Several good fight sequences and some fight sequences that might have been good if they were in better lighting so I could follow them.  And the group interactions between both the leads and the their supporting characters was good.  Plus Sigourney Weaver and Scott Glen are always great.

Comrade Detective:  I found out this was a recently made satire and NOT a recovered bit of 80s era Romanian state media television.  Which moved it from a bonkers yet unintentionally brilliant piece of period propaganda to a pretty good satire of the buddy cop genre with amusing political comedy.  Basically when I thought it was "real" I would have ranked it an unintentional 5/5, but finding out it was "fake" moves it to an intentional 3.5/5.

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Knights of the Dinner Table #246: KoDT Development Team JOlly R. Blackburn (EiC), Steve Johansson, David S. Kenzer, Brian Jelke & Barbara Blackburn.  Mostly place-setting for the Muncie vs. Hard8 storyline, as Gary renegotiates for the rules of the honor/grudge match.  And back home Pete sweeps up a miscellaneous set of players to run a game for.

Astro City #46: Writer Kurt Busiek, Artist Brent E. Anderson, Lettering & design John Roshell & Sarah Jacobs of ComicraftColor art Peter Pantazis.  The Broken Man further lays out his relationship to the Ourbor and his potential plans while showing off a huge blind-spot regarding his own origin.

Rat Queens #5: Writer Kurtis Wiebe, Artist Owen GieniLetterer Ryan Ferrier.  The Queens face THE MIRROR OF REGRET!  Bum bum BUM!  Also some jerk froggo illusionist.
Southern Bastards #17: Writer Jason Aaron, Artist Jason Latour & Letters Jared K. Fletcher.  After family death related hiatus, back to resolve the escalating violence between the Craw and Locust Fork teams & boosters.
Invincible #139Writer Robert Kirkman, Penciler Ryan Ottley, Inker Mark Morales, Colorist Nathan FairbairnLetterer Rus Wooton.  The new Viltrumite War reaches a tipping point with the arrival of Robot and a moment of clarity for the one half-breed Viltrumite lady whose name I can't recall.
Bitch Planet Triple Feature #3"Those People", Alissa Sallah and Alec Valerius; "Big Game" , Dylan Meconis, with lettering by Clayton Cowles & "Love, Honor & Obey", Kit Cox and Vanesa R. Del Ray, with lettering by Clayton Cowles.

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paws up pupper

safe puptiny puppy bench
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We shuffled the schedule around since Frazer can't game next week.  So this week saw the group teleporting down to the dungeon level.  Where Matt experimented with scouting using the spell Vomit Twin.  Where the wizard vomit's up a kind of slime duplicate.  Only Matt would build a 15th level Wizard with a spell book with obscure Goblin spells.  But this led us to a trapped room that summoned some kind of evil other-planar Star Children beasties.  That blinded me and Ona the Witch and delivered some punishing Shining Ray attacks.  Bill's Terry the Cleric did manage to cover the group in communal protection from evil so at least they couldn't physically attack.

Eventually (and mostly thanks to Krogar and Thrumm) the Star Children were defeated and we learned that the entire room was basically pointless, though rewarding in the XP sense.  Next time hopefully we can find dem bones.  Which is hopefully a fetch quest that results in a safe resting point in the the castle.

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Great action sequences, dopey rest of the movie.  Character's motivations were either missing or all over the place.  The espionage story was near random nonsense and the attempt at deep dialogue just came off as silly.  But that car chase and Theron's fight scenes.  Those were perfect.
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Rogue One: Best to get those Disney related rewatches in now.  And that Darth Vader bit at the end is always chilling.

the Founder: Story of the founding of the McDonald's empire and the man who helped build and steal it from the original McDonald brothers.

Arrow s.1:  Where that whole Berlanti/DC 'verse begins.  And its..nice?  Sure, nice to see that Ollie can be just as much of a bonehead sometimes as his buddy Barry.


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