Feb. 10th, 2011

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A decent sized haul this week, with a couple of new mini-series and a new book I'm trying out. The new book being Li'l Depressed Boy from Image. About a human sized sock-puppet guy who meets a girl. And creator S. Steven Struble turned out to be right about the band Khepi Ghoulie...

[profile] ps238principal has said that he will most likely stop doing floppy editions for ps238 in the near future. Probably going the webcomic and trade-paperback route that the Foglio's took with Girl Genius. I'm betting he'll go two more issues and end at issue 50. This time around continues the inter-dimensional hijinx with the VonFoggs and Zodon and his recruited classmates. And getting more on the back-stories of Zodon and the Praetorian Academy's Headmaster...

Over on the Unwritten Tommy moves on after breaking the story in Moby Dick, ending up aboard ship with Sinbad...

And while I've been feeling burned out on Willingham's Fables and Jack of Fables, I'm very glad to get a new Cinderella mini. In Cinderella: Fables are Forever, the Fable super-spy may be dealing with a rogue Fable she thought she'd killed and buried...

Zack Overkill continues on his double or triple or whatever level undercover mission at the midpoint of Incognito: Bad Influences. At the same time a new Lazarus is leaving a bloody mark in the criminal community, one that overlaps onto innocent civilians...

Heroes for Hire moves from drugs and guns to human trafficking. And has Misty recruiting Moon Knight again, since Paladin is busy with freelance work. Though really he's attempting to find out exactly WHERE Misty is and what may be wrong. Leading to a confrontation with Iron Fist...

The co-star of the new 5-issue Power Man and Iron Fist. With his partner/trainee being the new Power Man, Victor Alvarez. Written by Fred VanLente, I decided to try get this mini after hearing nothing but good things about his Power Man mini that tied into Shadowland. One of the few things I heard anything good about that Daredevil based event...


Feb. 10th, 2011 08:36 am
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Mmmm. Sweet, sweet returned tax monies. Now I can pay to have people stick my cat with needles and to make sure my car will continue to be able to stop on demand...


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