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Haven s.1: Sort of based on one of King's novellas, though there are a couple call-outs that put the show somewhere in the King multiversal-canon.  Good but not great, with the X-Files-ish mix of "monster" of the week vs. over-reaching story arc episodes.  In this case the "monsters" are the "Troubled", or waves of pyschic power manifestations every generation.

GLOW s.1:  Dramedy based on the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling show from the 80s.  Great work from the leads Allsion Brie, Betty Gilpin and Marc Maron; though all the supporting cast are terrific.

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superman returns
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...reading all the Year in Review from people who've accomplished things.

But now I'm not.

Thank you wrasslin' and strange dance meme. Thank you...
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Wrestling-themed comic connoisseur Gavok of the 4thLetter gives us what we've all been waiting for. A WWE / Blackest Night mash-up. Enjoy...
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So I see Punk is doing a Heel Champ run, as a Sanctimonious Pompous Tool type. I'm not that familiar with any of his previous Heel runs, is that his normal gimmick? Play up the Straight Edge as making him better?

Also I see they're going with another "I ain't ascairt of the Big Bad Undertaker" feud for the two of them. Which I guess means a month or two of Evil Druid 'Taker and his SCARYDARKMAJIKS. I guess it works. There seem to be only three major ways of doing a 'Taker feud. This one aka The New Freshness Does Not Fear the Mind Games. The I'm A Bigger Monster (mostly used for Kane but brought out for 'Taker as well). And the I Am the True Billy Bad-ass. Which means Biker Street Brawler 'Taker. Which would mean only a 5 minute bike ride to the ring for matches and speeches instead of the 10-15 minute Druid parade...
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Here is the deal. I'm a lapsed wrestling fan. So I bring some extra baggage to this movie. Even allowing for that, this is a movie more than worth seeing. The Oscar nods to Rourke and Tomei are well deserved. And watching Rourke as Randy "The Ram" Robinson is heartbreaking. Especially as he attempts to rebuild some kind of relationship with his estranged daughter (with another stellar performance, from Evan Rachel Wood)...
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Bubba Root the Hillbilly From Hell. Finisher: Top rope frog-splash, The Avalanche. Or the Hillybilly Holla, a ground chin-lock submission. Of course that would all be in some alternate universe where I'm NOT a lazy tub of goo...
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Though I must now thank my nemesis for this video of Elmo the Muppet vs. Vegeta...

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Short one this week...

Kid Santeria & the Brothers Voodoo. Four wrestlers in masks with another goofy, slightly exploitive gimmick. A stable of b-list tweeners who'll likely never headline. OR a group of hedge wizards/vampire hunters who use the constant on-the-road lifestyle of the pro wrestler as the perfect cover for hunting down the vampiric minion's of the Brazilian vampire criminal known only as The Swarm...
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And give back cookie!
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Slept all day. Enjoy Botchmania instead...

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Its the final bit that gets me. What has to be the greatest Team-Up in all of wrestling history...


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