Jan. 17th, 2015 04:17 pm
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You know all you people, like the roommate and my brother, who kept pushing me to use Steam?  Ya'll couldv'e just said they had Shining Force available to play for like three bucks.   That was literally all I needed to know to start using Steam.  That was it...

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Apr. 3rd, 2013 02:46 pm
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Dredd: Easily clears the lowest of low bars by being better than the last "Judge Dredd" movie.  Given that both movies have a core concept of Small Group of Cops vs. Apartment Hi-Rise full of Mostly Crooks, its also easy to compare this to the Raid: Redemption.  Of course the latter has the whole redemption of the brother thing.  While this one has a psychic cop and Judge Dredd shooting people in the face...

Wreck-It Ralph:  So as of right now my list of Disney movies would go Lilo & Stitch, sub-list of Pixar movies, Wreck-It Ralph.  Disney should just make more movies with kick-ass little girls in them.  Also, maybe a new Streetfighter movie starring Zangief...

Butter: At times I was thinking Ty Burrel's character was the same as from Modern Family, but he just married the wrong person.  Twice.  Also Yara Shahidi deserves a big future.  And Alicia Silverstone, while not having a lot of scenes, is pretty good playing an actual grown-up...
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Grabbed the Elder Sign game app for my Kindle. Took me like four tries just to beat the 1st easy Elder, Yigg the Snake God. You basically run a 4-person team so I went with the Magician, Nun, PI and Rich Girl...
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This has a very 90s feel to it. At least with the regular DS version I got. It really reminds me a lot of the Zelda 2, especially with the overland map that switches to a more side scrolly thing during random monster encounters or when entering towns, dungeons or similar. Fun so far, and the characters and humor match well with the source show...
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Huh. Random encounters with Godzilla's footprint and Dr. Who's police box. Didn't see any mention of those in the various "Fallout" walkthru/FAQs...
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So I leave my rat and my snake thing together at day care and they produce an egg. Thats..more than slightly disturbing...
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So apparently the way to break me away from my investment in Facebook games is with Pokemon. Specifically Soulsilver on the DS...
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But the easy availability of resurection items in video games really kills drama of set-piece character deaths in a games story...

FighterGuy: Alas our friend is dead and lost!
MageDude: Those murderers will pay for this!
PC: You know I've got like a whole bag of Phoenix Downs still right?
FighterGuy: I don't know how we will cope with the loss of our companion!
PC: Seriously, I just brought her back from the dead like six times in that last battle.
PC: Guys? They sell these things at stores remember?
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Been asleep most of the day, so here is Kuma training as a cub:

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Today's posting schedule (and my doing my taxes) was cancelled due to my getting the first Zelda to work for my nes/snes emulator. Regular posting to resume once I get frustrated at not having maps...
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The Scott/Ramona relationship and Scott's Personal Growth bits end up feeling more than a bit rushed when compared to the source material. But the video-game themed fx sequences are great. As are the various members of the League of Evil Exes. Ok, the finale for the Roxy fight doesn't really work. But Kieran Culkin as Wallace and Ellen Wong as Knives are total scene stealers. Bryan Lee O'Malley's source material and Edgar Wright's direction mesh well together...
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It started simple enough. Just some Might & Magic: Heroes Kingdom. And then maybe a little village vs. village Tribal Wars. And sure then I found the Kingdom of Loathing-ish Metroplexity. And now I keep checking back to see if I've got more actions for Echo Bazaar. But they're all free! Free things can't be addicting right?
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We will launch a hedgehog to the moon. Not because it is the easy thing. But because it is the fun thing. And because we can buy him wee hats and goggles to wear while doing it...
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Achievement Unlocked 2. Sooooooo many achievements...
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Letters to an Absent Father by Mare Odomo


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