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Despite the distraction of the election results the game continued.  The party even made significant progress along the frozen trail.  Dealing with an atomie sprite and its charmed elk, a frozen stream crossing with snow man trap and small ice elementals.  And then finally taking down a trio of archers.  We even managed to capture one as a prisoner.  Group is soooo close to hitting that first level up.  All of which still didn't change how fucking depressing the drive home was where I had to finally just turn off NPR for my own sanity.
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Fuck.  Just.


3 Movies x2

Aug. 9th, 2013 06:31 pm
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The Campaign: Beyond Will Ferrel punching a baby I wasn't expecting to find this funny. But it was and touching at times. I was honestly pleasantly surprised by this. Plus Will Ferrel does punch a baby. Also a puppy...

The Long Good Friday: Bob Hoskins is a London crime boss having a weekend party to convince some American investors to help him with his big, legitimate real estate project. And then someone starts killing his people and blowing up his stuff...

Salmon Fishing in Yemen: The title kind of sums it up. Yemen royal wants to build up a river and then stock it with salmon. Quietly funny with lots of great acting work...

Frankenweenie: Boy loves dog. Boy loses dog. Boy plays God in violation of all natural law and gets back dog. Later more dead pet related mayhem...

The Bourne Legacy: Doesn't really bring anything new, but I like seeing Renner as an action super-spy. Makes me think a Hawkeye movie is possible. And remembering Renner from the Unusuals makes me think a Fraction version Hawkeye movie is possible...

The Devil's Double: Based on the true story of Uday Hussein's body double. Reminded me a lot of the Last King of Scotland, as again you've got a basically decent person who gets shackled into the life of sociopathic monster...


Jan. 25th, 2012 05:45 pm
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yoinked from [profile] frustratedpilot
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Ryan Gosling is an up-and-coming political handler working as the #2 guy on what seems to be a perfect Democratic canidate in a PA governor played by George Clooney. Who is also the movie's director. Not so much a political thriller as a really cynical episode of the West Wing. Not that it isn't a well-done movie. But with a weaker cast it would be easier to note how little there is to it. Luckily the movie has Gosling, Clooney, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti and Marisa Tomei...
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1) The most popular New Year's resolution was to: Crush those who wronged me beneath my iron boot-heels.

2) The fightingest POTUS and expected champion of the Rumble in the Oval would be Teddy "The Bear" Roosevelt.

3) Say "nevermore" once more. Just once more...


4) The Next Big Thing: Either Cryptids in grade school or Vampire High School Musicals.

5) Not surprisingly Alfred is still the #1 choice in buterlin'.

6) The most popular choice in radioactive animal-bite themed character is Dr. Hedgehog. Do hedgehog's even have teeth?

7) If choosing a job based on television shows, the most popular choice is a maverick wise-cracking police consultant.

8) So its either The Secret Six/Scrooge McDuck or The Authority/Sonic the Hedgehog? Fuckin' furries...

9) Also, Sesame Street gets invaded by zombies? What is wrong with some of you? Don't answer that!

10) But in an affirmation of taste the majority wants to see Edward Cullen beaten down by groups of other vampires from fiction...

In the Loop

Feb. 6th, 2010 08:43 pm
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A dry comedy set just before the start of an invasion of an unnamed Middle Eastern country. Focusing on various politicians in the British and U.S. government. Has a very original The Office feel to it. I kept being dragged out of the movie though by my desire to take a few of the characters and smack their heads together until their brains were pudding. Still James Gandolfini as a dove Pentagon general was very nice...


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