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Haven s.4:  Well that was certainly a drop in quality.  Though Colin Ferguson at least seemed to be having fun as the Big Bad.  And his motivations at least remained consistent, unlike some other characters.  And several more bad endings for female secondary characters.  Also stupid Brother of Duke.  And then I tried to go on to season 5, but just too terrible so I skipped to the finale.

the Lobster:  What the hell was all that?  I'm too baffled and hurt (poor dog brother) to give this a positive or negative review.   Just weird all around.

the Good Place s.1
:  Ahhh, now this rewatch is the motherforking shirtballs.  Hurry up season 2!

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Swiss Army Man:  Started this very odd movie, but when Paul Dano started using his corpse buddy as a waterskin, I kind of had to tap out.

Arrow s.4: Neal McDonough's Demien Darhk is pure villainous joy.  Also John has a lousy brother, Felicity has a super-villain dad and Oliver has a son.  Plus John Constantine and Vixen.  Evil Magic Merc isn't the best flashback story, but its better than Hong Kong.

Bojack Horseman s.4: For Bojack this season has the most hopeful ending of the series.  I mean there are several romantic relationships that collapse, a drug overdose and some senior dementia.  And yet still the most upbeat ending in awhile.  Bonus: Potential new character that lets people type asexual axolotl.
Arrow s.5:  Prometheus isn't as fun as Dahrk was, but he is even more Evil Geniuser than previous main villains.  And a finale that brings back Nyssa, Merlyn, Slade AND Captain Boomerang.  And Laurel's Evil Twin!  And lastly Russian Bratva flashbacks with Dolph Londgren.

Wind River

Aug. 31st, 2017 02:14 pm
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Pretty good movie where Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch have to solve the mystery of a dead woman found in the snow.  I think it even manages to avoid being a White Savior/We Need a White Guy story despite being about two white protagonists and the story being about crimes committed against Native Women and the poverty of life on the Rez.  I think a lot of that goes to the strong supporting work of Graham Greene, Julia Jones & Gil Birmingham; among others.
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the Girl With All the Gifts:  I imagine the scene at the start with all the kids in restraints would be extra freaky for someone coming at this movie cold.

the Tick s.1:  Not as zany funny as the cartoon, but much action-y than the previous live-action version.  I did like the expansion to Dot's character.  And the rest of the cast, main and supporting all do good work.  A little bit irritated at the whole release 1/2 a season and then the rest sometime next year thing.
Little Witch Academia s.2:  Basically the same as season 1, cute and amusing if slight.  Expected stories push Power of Friendship and the Real Magic is Believing in Yourself and so forth.
Arrow s.3: Early part of the season meanders a bit before focusing in on Ra's and the League of Assassins as the main foe.  And Amanda Waller (outside of when written by a very few writers) has motivations that just remain baffling, making the flashback portions weaker than previously.  But strong character work and some very strong episodes in the back-half.

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Siblings Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Riley Keough make plans to steal the concession money from the Charlotte Motor Speedway with the help of imprisoned Daniel Craig.  Multiple mini-capers and misdirections to the main heist.  Not quite as good as Soderbergh's Ocean's 11, as the cast don't have the perfect chemistry that one did.  But funny and clever and the main four cast members jell together very well.
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Great action sequences, dopey rest of the movie.  Character's motivations were either missing or all over the place.  The espionage story was near random nonsense and the attempt at deep dialogue just came off as silly.  But that car chase and Theron's fight scenes.  Those were perfect.
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Rogue One: Best to get those Disney related rewatches in now.  And that Darth Vader bit at the end is always chilling.

the Founder: Story of the founding of the McDonald's empire and the man who helped build and steal it from the original McDonald brothers.

Arrow s.1:  Where that whole Berlanti/DC 'verse begins.  And its..nice?  Sure, nice to see that Ollie can be just as much of a bonehead sometimes as his buddy Barry.

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I'm not sure if I like the war movie bits or the bleak landscape Western parts more.  Also trying to figure out where the Ape Promised Land is supposed to be.  I mean they start off in the Redwood National Forest, then supposedly cross some mountains, then a desert and end up at a big lake.  Is that Lake Powell?

Enh.  Pretty good movie though.  Harrelson's Crazy Colonel is a little over the top.  And I kind of wanted someone to point out that humans are as much an Ape sub-species as chimpanzees, gorillas or orangutans.  But I liked how the remnants of the previous movies' Ape schism were now human collaborators.  And the implication that the Sentience Formula went globally viral so it wasn't just Caesar's tribe.
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Okja:  One girl's quest to rescue her mutant giant pig friend from an evil AgriBusiness and their washed-up animal show host lackey.  With assistance from an animal liberation/rights group that somehow isn't terrible.

Legends of Tomorrow s.2.  I actually started with the finale of s.1 as that was about the maximum Vandal Savage and the Hawks I wanted to deal with.  Golden Age Vixen, Steel and the Legion of Doom were a much needed replacement.  Plus the JSA, King Arthur and Jonah Hex.

the Incredible Jessica James:  Entertaining romcom with former the Daily Show correspondant Jessica Williams and the IT Crowd's Chris O'Dowd.
American Ultra:  Basically What If the Jason Bourne movies were stoner comedies.  Jesse Eisenberg makes a surprisingly competent action guy, Topher Grace is unsurprisingly a super-face punchable government douchebag and even as midlevel CIA agent Connie Britton makes a great mom.
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Between Leon: the Professional & the Fifth Element Luc Besson has earned a lifetime's credit with me.  But his latest scifi extravaganza is..just not good.  Parts of it are good.  Imagery, setting, weird aliens, cute aliens, goofy background people, Rhianna.  But the story doesn't really come together.  Which isn't helped by the meandering into sidequests of the plot.  And Dane DeHaan's character is both shallowly written and inconsistent in motivation.  And the only other thing I've seen Ms. Delvingne in was the twenty minutes I managed of Suicide Squad, but she is pretty terrible here.

But mostly its the way that the plot will pause to insert some secondary action sequence to showcase something cool.  See Sgt. Laureline Fetches a Psychic Jellyfish.  Rather, than say, just go to where her partner went off-line and start searching for him.  Or Maj. Valerine Meets Rhianna.  Rather than just sneak into the Froggy Aliens castle to rescue his partner (who goes from unstoppable bad-ass to damsel real easy).

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The mostly autobiographical story of comic actor Kumail Nanjiani meeting his future wife Emily.  The twist of the clash of cultures vs. love romcom is that during the break-up portion of the story Emily is in a medically induced coma.  So Kumail gets to navigate the whole personal growth and family confrontation while worried the woman he loves might die. Which, no real spoiler as she co-wrote the movie, she doesn't.  But still very touching and funny.
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20th Century Women - good cast, barely there story, mildly funny, touching ending with a Where Did Everyone End Up.
Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust - best bit was probably the one involving puppy crucifixion.

Mr. Robot s.2 - less of a total head fuck than the first season (even with the reveal as to where Elliot actually was for half the season) but darker in some ways.  Grace Gummer was a great addition as FBI agent Dom.  Also more B.D. Wong as Whiterose.
Little Witch Academia s.1 - cute bit of anime fluff.

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Tom Holland is pretty great as Parker/Spider-Man, espcially the 15-year old rookie part of it.  Michael Keaton's Vulture falls into the mid-range of Marvel villains, right on the edge of the top tier, as he has actual motivations and some personality beyond I Am The Bad Guy.  Among the character cameos is a very stealth set-up for Miles Morales using Donald Glover.  Oh and Jacob Batalon's sidekick/best friend Ned was pretty good.
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Haven s.2:  Several new long-term cast additions.  Notably Jason Priestly as Son of Mayor Charm and Adam "Edge" Copeland as Dwight the Cleaner.  Plus lots of Mythology mixed in with all the Monster-of-the-Week.  Especially for Duke's family history and the coy secret back-story of Dave & Vince.  Though going from the season finale to some kind of Christmas special is kind of weird.  They should probably have moved those around in the schedule.

Moana:  Rewatch, still gorgeous with great songs and perfect line-readings from Dwayne Johnson as Maui.

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Mom didn't think this movie qualifies as a musical.  Me, I say the way every sequence, big or small, is perfectly choreagraphed to the soundtrack makes it a musical.  And that soundtrack is pretty amazing.

Also its a really good crime (reluctant crook subgenre) movie.  The love interest could maybe have used a little more depth but Lily James is still pretty good with what she has to work with.  Ansel Elgort is a delight.  And the high-end talent make for a great supporting cast of quirky crooks.
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Dr. Strange: Rewatch
He Never Died: Sort-of vampire story with Henry Rollins.  Rollins does disconnected ancient immortal very well.

Wynonna Earp s.1: I'm all about the snarky lady demon-killers with sidekicks and bad boy love interests.

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Easily clears the low bar of being the best of the DC-Cinematic universe films.  And beyond that is a good film all on its own.  Gal Gadot shows a good deal more range and talent than I had been expecting.  The Paradise Island sequences are excellent, as are the Diana & Steve Go On a Quest.  Plus Pine & Gadot have some excellent chemistry, that makes the somewhat rushed romance feel believable.  Some of the mythological back-story is a bit of a mess, including the climatic Final Battle.  But a solid, entertaining and enjoyable movie.  If nothing else, gives some hope that the upcoming Justice League and Aquaman will also be worth seeing.
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Riverdale s.1
Jane the Virgin s.3
It always seems easier to binge from a device at work than my home tv.  Especially for those last 4 or 5 episodes of a season that sit on my dvr.  Love the way seasons for CW shows get uploaded so quickly to Netflix.

Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Caught up with the final two Netflix episodes, "the Christmas that Almost Wasn't" (so nauseously twee) and "At the Earth's Core" (more Doug McClure vs. ERB adaptation).  Between the latter and "the Land that Time Forgot" I kind of wish there had been a John Carter of Mars movie in the 60s with McClure.

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MST3K: Wizards of the Lost Kingdom
MST3K: Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II : So David Carradine, as the heroic the Dark One, and his exotic dancer wife and the comedic incompetance of the "heroic" wizard leads actually elevate this to Hawk the Slayer levels of terrible.

Master of None, s.2 : I know not everyone likes them, but some of my favorite bits involve show runners Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang's parents.  Sure they can't act and thus give very stiff line readings, but that adds to their charm for me.  And while I didn't hate Francesca, her latter story lines definitely felt the weakest.  Hopeful that Ansari and Yang do a 3rd season.

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GotG 2 follows the normal sequel rule of "what you did the first time, but more", but happily is one of the rare occasions where that works.  Its helped in this immensely by the sheer charm of Kurt Russel as Star-Lord's long missing father.  Plus lots of character growth side-stories for most of the cast.  And just how crazy adorable Baby Groot is.

Lots of easter eggs and cameos, with the stand-out probably being Stallone, Ving Rhames and others as Ravager captains/original GotG members.  Though really Mr. Gunn, FIVE post-script scenes?  I left after the Adam Warlock one so missed the teen Groot and SECOND Stan Lee cameo.


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