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A happy holiday birthday to [ profile] qraccoon

Da Loots

Dec. 26th, 2015 03:08 pm
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Got a check from Grandma.  Some movie passes from my sister Tina and her family.  A Harkins movie watcher thing with passes and the free popcorn shirt and such from my uncle TIm and his family.  The brother paid for this week's comics pull.  The parents got me a new watch and paid to have my transmission fluid changed out earlier in the month.  And an Amazon & Cold Stone Creamery gift card from my sister Jessica and her family.  Plus Sunless Sea on Steam from the roommate.  Oh and a Home Depot gift card from the work party...
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All X-Mas presents wrapped, just waiting on a final Amazon gift card to come in the mail tommorow and then I'm done with presents.  Gifts for the gaming group for the roommate to deliver, since I'll be missing this weeks' session.  And gifts for the many, many, many spawn of my family.
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Happy birthday to [ profile] qraccoon
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My plans for New Year's Eve ended up being sitting around in my underwear and playing the computer games.  So not terrible or nothing.  Hope those of you celebrating have fun and stay safe...
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Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all-around best seasonal wishes to all!
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Gift cards instead of random wrapped items. for the white elephant exchange so less people getting stuck with weak gifts.  Plus I won a new tv as a grand prize drawing.  And of course stuffed with free grub...

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Have a happy thanksgiving Canadians...
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st pats catbirthday platy

A happy BirthDAAAW to [ profile] qraccoon
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peanuts thanksgiving

3 Movies

Nov. 5th, 2013 09:17 pm
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Rare Exports:  Child of Finnish reindeer herders must rally his family and neighbors against a recently unearthed evil.  All while trying to stay off the Naughty List...

Killer Joe:  Small time crook hires crooked cop to kill his mother for the insurance using his sister as collateral.  Things go downhill from there...

Warrior:  Two estranged brothers both end up in a World Championship cage fighter tournament.  One is a war hero AND deserter.  The other is a former cage fighter turned school teacher...
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A happy and fine birthday to [ profile] qraccoon
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Happy Father's DAAAW


May. 13th, 2012 04:05 pm
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Happy day to all the moms out there!

Ho Ho Ho

Dec. 25th, 2011 08:21 am
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Best wishes and a happy day to all the mommas...


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