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I've been in a bit of a depressive funk the last couple days. Not working full time is getting to me a bit along with the social anxiety I get when applying, much less interviewing, for jobs. So to try and break myself out I'm going to bring back the Creative Interest Inspiration Meme again. Respond to this post and I'll pick one of your interests and do something creative with it. In my case, that will most likely be writing something. But it can be anything creative. Writing, drawing, music, whatever...
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Scarier villain weapon?
1. Cannon that shoots bees at people.
2. Cannon that shoots wasps at people.
3. Cannon that shoots scorpions at people.

A Question

May. 23rd, 2009 03:07 am
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Which sounds better for a villain Beetle Boxer or Boxer Beetle?

Also I really love the iGoogle translator add-on...
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And we conclude our Twelve(ish) Days with a holiday tale of heroism and England...

SMURF! #2: A Christmas Rescue )
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I doubt I'm alone in that when I first started coming with super-hero parody concepts many were Batman/Robin types. When I took many of those earlier ideas and started to try and write for Superguy I ended up discarding most of them. And when I gathered up the various concepts from that for what I want to do with my Superfic stories, I trimmed away nearly all the rest. Because most of them were really, really stupid. I mean REALLY stupid. And this is from a guy who STILL thinks a Hulk-parody named SMURF! is awesome. But yeah, HatchetMan and Kid Cutlery? Finding-StuffMan and Lost Boy. TERRIBLE IDEAS. But one managed to stick with me. Mostly because I actually had a few story ideas for the sidekick. So BadgerMan and Kid Weasel remained...

And then later I began thinking, hmmm. Future stories. So the sidekick is now the main hero. And he's got a sidekick. But what if thats a TRADITION? If there is a LINE of heroes and sidekicks stretching back generations...

And so the The Heroic Legacy of the Weasel:

Lord Weasel & Childe Sable
Sir Sable & Squire Mink
The Comte de Mink & Young Ferret
Mr. Ferret & Lil' Otter
The Lone Otter & the Fisher Kid
The Fisher & Wolverine Boy
Captain Wolverine & Skunk Boy
SkunkMan & Badger Lad
BadgerMan & Kid Weasel
The Weasel & Ms. Mustelid
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My barely started Hackmaster short story...
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Ok, so it took a week to finish the last two. Anyway here they are.

[profile] springrayn gave
a1. He only knew it had to be something new and momentous, a door opening to another room
2. The Know-it-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World
3. Aubergine
4. Anticipation
5. Laboratory Mouse

Science! )

And lastly [profile] seanmonster posted
1. I'm doing Science/and I'm still alive
2. Voodoo for Dummies
3. Puce
4. Ennui
5. Badger

Ennui )
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Ok, have finished up the first three responses to the 5 Found Things Meme. Yeah, I'm kind of slow about these...

First from [personal profile] furikku
1. These are very secret days / I collect my information, and I stow it all away
2. No Language But a Cry
3. eggshell white
4. joy
5. vulture
Captured Moments )

Next, [personal profile] iamza
1. From underneath the trees, we watch the sky
2. The Blade Itself
3. Orange
4. Mope
5. Bunny
Brooding Bunny )

And [profile] bbullock
1. Since the dawn of man/time honoured I ran
2. Scar Night
3. Black
4. Impatience
5. Lion
Mementos )

Only two left!
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This was going to be another Interest Inspiration story for [profile] crimsonjoe and his interest, baseball. But I could never get the damn ending right. So here's the partial short...

Take the Ball Game Out to Me )
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I need to write more. So, yoinked from [profile] furriku:

Give me:

1. A line from a song or a poem.
2. The title of a book.
3. A color.
4. An emotion.
5. An animal.

And I will write you a slice of original fiction.
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Sgt. Nikki Furry, a female soldier who dresses in a bear costume and leads a group of mercenary cyborg howler monkeys...

[Poll #1232625]
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The 1930s were a dark time. The Great Depression referred not just to the financial crash, but to the general state of mind of so many who struggled with poverty. And that mental state was like a fine buffet for various super-natural predators...

It was also a time of rampant criminal activity in the USA. With the massive profits ensured by Prohibition, the various Crime Syndicates were almost legitimate in their control of politics and police. Across the nation, various masked Mystery Men did their best to oppose gangsters and protect the innocent...

In 1931 an obscure Mystery Man in Detroit named the Vision assembled a group of others from around the country. He convinced them of two things. That he'd chosen his name because he had "waking dreams" that would foretell when super-natural attacks would occur. And that even more dangerous than the criminals were these "demonic" beings drawn to feed off humanity's despair and evil. In all the Vision recruited five heroes to be part of The Defenders from across the country.

  • From Texas the brothers Javier and Alejandro Montayo - Los Lobos Hermanos
  • From the East Coast former British lord and explorer Kevin R. Plunder - The Hobgoblin
  • From New York Wyatt Wingfoot, who claimed to be the great grand-son of the god Hermes. And whose gifts of flight and speed seemed to back that assertion - Quicksilver
  • And from the Southwest, the black hero Sam Wilson - The Scorpion.

Their first mission, to stop an invasion of "shadow demons" at a Masquerade Ball thrown by New York's highest society, was a partial success. The demons were driven off but one of the guests, nineteen year old socialite Patsy Walker was killed. Or so it seemed. A few weeks later the Vision, now revealed to his allies as millionaire industrialist and philanthropist Kyle Richmond, discovered that Ms. Walker had partially survived. Trapped between life and death she would fade from visibility and tangibility depending on the hour of the day. Calling herself the Shroud she joined the group, using her unique state to help protect humanity...
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Fiction repost
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Every generation the monks of the Order of Atlantis go forth. They entice, trick, hire or just kidnap the greatest martial arts masters in the world. And they bring these warriors to participate in the Great Tourney of the Gates at an island in Micronesia. And when the field is down to three, then The Champions pass through the Gates to face their counterparts from the Darkforce Dimension. When they succeed then the world sees another generation of relative peace. When they fall, then evil leaders come to power and the pillars of the world shake. The last time a Darkforce Champion won thru was January of 1933...
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Repostings of older fanfics on my InsaneJournal...
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I blame David Brothers for this. Him and Kalinara. I, as usual, am faultless...

My new DC 'verse OTP )

Remember, blame them. Not me...
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A story for [profile] lannewolf and her interest motherhood...
matb )
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This time around we continue with [profile] the_outlaw's interest in cats and great cats...

Leopards =/= Spots )


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