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Started the evening with Matt's wizard Sillius getting his draws from the Harrow deck of many things.  Not surprisingly (and with zero Harrow points of his own remaining) Matt went with the maximum four draws.  For which he got his own ants, his own paladin summoning sword, a level, the speed increase and three extra draws.  Leading to him being permanently blind, losing a level at night and the opportunity to trade his own life potential for magic items from a other-dimensional merchant.  So he aged himself two age categories  and got a headband to compensate for being blind and a belt to compensate for the stat loss of being older.

After that we began to explore the 4th level of the castle.  Well after Bill's cleric Terry healed the blindness of me and the witch.  Then to the exploring.  Led by Sillius in gaseous form using his limited range thoughtsense.  This led to a battle with a horned devil and a group of Red Mantis Assassins.  The devil dealt out some heavy damage early with a fireball and lightning bolt, receiving some return fire from Eric's Thrumm's holy arrows.  Only to then go down with a single critical hit from Frazier's Krogar.  After that the RMAs were just mopping up.

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This session we were down our archwizard as Matt had a previously planned baseball outing with his son.  But we ended up not getting into combat, so that worked out.  Instead we located the missing bones of the dead tiefling noble and returned with them to attic floor.  There new ghost buddy and old ghost guide combined their powers and haunted Harrow (not-Tarot) decks into a Harrow Deck of Many Things.  One where we could spend our Harrow points to cancel out a card and redraw.

For those not familiar with D&D's deck of many things, its basically random draws from a standard 54-card deck where each card has a different magical effect, some good and some bad.  So each of us choose to take the maximum four draws (with Matt getting the chance to choose when he returns next session), which if it weren't for those Harrow point cancels is just NUTS.  Even if I was the only one who pulled disaster cards that had to be avoided, the Idiot which would have drained 3 points from each of my mental stats and one that would have disintegrated me.  I ended up with a true & false vision to be determined later, something called the Theater to be revealed later, an engagement to a genie and a Redo any one choice my character has ever made.

Bill & Eric, among other things, both got the +1 level card.  Aaron ended up with Immunity to fire/Vulnrebility to Acid, +30 base movement (but 3 more forced deck draws), Automatic critical hit confirmation for him and when people crit against him, 4 pet giant ants and then I forget the rest.  Krogar the Fighter is more than a little double-plus bad-ass now; on top of where he was a 15-straight Fighter.

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We shuffled the schedule around since Frazer can't game next week.  So this week saw the group teleporting down to the dungeon level.  Where Matt experimented with scouting using the spell Vomit Twin.  Where the wizard vomit's up a kind of slime duplicate.  Only Matt would build a 15th level Wizard with a spell book with obscure Goblin spells.  But this led us to a trapped room that summoned some kind of evil other-planar Star Children beasties.  That blinded me and Ona the Witch and delivered some punishing Shining Ray attacks.  Bill's Terry the Cleric did manage to cover the group in communal protection from evil so at least they couldn't physically attack.

Eventually (and mostly thanks to Krogar and Thrumm) the Star Children were defeated and we learned that the entire room was basically pointless, though rewarding in the XP sense.  Next time hopefully we can find dem bones.  Which is hopefully a fetch quest that results in a safe resting point in the the castle.

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More of a prepatory session as we attempted to check off that missing priest bullet point before going after any of the Storm the Castle ones.  But we learned that said missing priest was probably in the castle as his sister is the evil trainer for the Grey Maidens.  So after some Keystone Cops style breaking and entering involving an alarmed door we checked our maps and our spell-load and headed for the roof of the castle.  Where exploring the uppermost level mostly what we found is the fire safety is shockingly poor.  I mean there are rooms storing skeins of whole, alcohol, a granary and oil soaked rags and deitrius all next to each other.  But no combat or encounters as yet.  Except for finding a hidden room with the ghostly remnant of the ex-king's tiefling half-brother who asked us to bring him his bones.  I'm guessing thats to set up a safe camp zone in the castle.  So next time we'll probably be 'porting down to the bottom dungeon level to try and find said bones.
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The original plan for this session was to investigate a missing high priest and possible ally.  Instead we learn about a black dragon flying over the city.  So we go to check on that instead.  Yep, big ol' black dragon.  With a rider who we identify as the leader of the Grey Maiden guards and a confidante of the queen.

In the ensuing fight they both fight very..well poorly.  The dragon lands and keeps moving around, not using full attacks, its breath weapon or spells.  And the fighter only attacks to subdue.  Still, with the dragon's high spell resistance, mirror images and armor class its still going slowly.  Eventually the dragon kicks off its rider and attempts to go full out.  But before it can go into full devastation mode Krogar finishes it off.  The lady fighter (Elona, Elena?) surrenders and so we disarm, blindfold and fly her invisibly back to our current base camp.  After some interrogation we learn more about the remaining major NPC baddies, some of the summoned devil support and some partial maps of the castle.  Plus Captain Ex-Girlfriend is willing to change sides, join the rebels and even testify (in whatever legal court the rebels plan on using) on the crimes of the queen.

So dragon bullet point marked off, Grey Maiden bullet point partially marked off and me and the witch get vials of dragon blood to try and blood transcription some new spells from.  And Terry the Cleric didn't even die!

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We start with the duel against Triffaccir about to begin and the return of Matt's wizard and Eric's arcane archer.  After a few rounds with the rest of the group observiving Bill's cleric spots that Triffy isn't what he appears.  This leads to Sillius the wizard wandering over under an anti-magic shell.  Which is aggravating in that it suprresses all MY magic items and buffs, but does reveal that Triffy is a disguised efreet.  This quickly turns the duel into a mass combat with the efreet taking flight and unleashing mutliple scorching rays.  Eventually the evil genie is defeated by a mulitude of enchanted arrow strikes from Thrumm the A.A, spells from Terry the cleric and the witch and flying attacks by Terry's celestial dog mount and Krogar the Pig (given flight by me).  Sillius, the high level wizard, mostly tried to get the efreet to look at him and his symbol of stunning.  Of course getting hit by a half-dozen rays did mean Terry died before the end of the fight.  Of course at our level thats a pretty short term effect.

So the first of our Defeat the Queen goals was accomplished and I got some new blood to drink so I could learn scorching ray.

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Despite being two players down, started back into the finale of the Crimson Crown.  This session saw my pirate, Bill's halfling cleric (with celestial dog pokemon) and Frazer's half-orc fighter (with witch girlfriend) tracking down the "hero" Tiramasu (Brendan: That's not his name!  Me: Don't care).  Taffamassoo (Brendan: Still not his name!) is running a false flag operation, using a hired gang to stir up trouble as "rebels" who he then drives off.  Then gives a heroic speech about the Queen and tosses money to the people.

We track down a trio of the thugs as they're out strong-arming and easily dispatch them.  And then interogate them at our new base (found by the two PCs who weren't there).  After that is a confrontation with the remaining dozen members of the gang.  One where someone is apparantly granting the "rebels" wishes.  But then Trifaccir (Brendan: His name is, oh no thats it) shows up (after Krogar has been turned into a pig) and challenges us to take him one-on-one.  So Fenyx steps up to fight the duel.  Which is where we end for the night.
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And so we officially begin "Crown of Fangs", the final installment of the Curse of the Crimson Crown.  And everyone is back with their character's from the last module almost three years ago.  My pirate captain, the elven magus Fenyx Asher; Bill's halfling cleric of Shelyn, Terry (with celestial hound mount/follower); Frazer's fighter Krogar (with witch follower); Eric's arcane archer Thrumm and Matt back in the group with his wizard Sillius.  Following a not-so-short loot division and shopping we teleported back to Korvosa where Queen Ileosa's enthrallment to her hat continued.

The party met with the various NPCs/rebel leaders from the previous modules and got the general Sub-quests that needed to be compleated before charges could be brought against the Evil Queen, parliamentary style!  Anyway, next session should see us going after one of the items on that list, a new "hero" who has been taking down groups of fake rebels.

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Finished up the final parts of "Snows of Summer".  Which mostly involved looting the tower (and the defeated witch from last session) and closing the winter-causing portal to Taldor.  Though the looting did lead to Brendan's Erasmus getting cursed twice, first by a trap and then by a ring he thought was a ring of regeneration but was not.  Luckily, Eric's mage had an arcane remove curse scroll for the first and we were able to get a divine version back in town for the second.  After that it was all bookkeeping and loot divvying.

Next session should be the return to Brendan's "Curse of the Crimson Throne" campaign and starting the final module "Crown of Fangs".  Which for me means finishing up a level 15 version of Fenyx Asher my Magus.

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And the group did press on without resting and confronted the slyph mistress of ravens.  And lo did swarms suck in the dealing of irritating amounts of damage.  But Eramus the Investigator was able to use his remaining flaming loogies and the aviary was cleansed and looted.  Then to the resting, cause the cleric's player hath dropped out for a time.  And so Eramus must now be the group healer.

Then to the final boss.  And the witch-boss' goat was smited.  As was the witch-boss.  And his summoned baby ice elementals.  And so next session will be the wrap up.  As well as the prep for the return to the roommate's Carrion Crown Crimson Throne campaign.
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This session we were down a player, as Byron had to cancel. And since Bill didn't have a copy of his character no cleric. So Bill let us all have our level bumps without needing to rest and we continued onward thru the 2nd floor. Well first we interrogated the Fae bard we captured last session. Mostly getting general info on the higher ranking tower residents. The main one was away, searching for the Black Rider, aka the old dude who died and gave us sweet stat bumps. So the final boss looks to be a Witch of some kind plus a Slyph spymaster.

But before that, more level exploration. We ran into the guard captain, some kind of fighter/spell-caster in the library. Thanks to several poor attack rolls early in the fight, she became a bit of a threat thanks to getting an enlarge spell off while wielding a greatsword. But the numbers won out and down she went.

Then we explored the conservatory and fought a mandragora, a kind of plant monster. Where the roommate's investigator downed an Elixer of Fire Breath thinking it was a potionof fire breath. Which work differently in addition to one being a 1100gp magic item and the other a 150gp potion.

So after the fight, he's pushing that we don't rest at the start of the next session, but instead push on so he doesn't waste the remaining time on his temp ability to spit flaming loogies.
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Mostly just lots and lots of guards. Also a water elemental in a hot spring. And then we captured that fae-kin bard/evil herald from a few sessions back. And so the group leveled up to 4 at the end of the session. Of course finding someplace to rest and get the full effects of said leveling could be a bit tricky while in a relatively small tower dungeon.

Also hopefully this crosspost works...
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On the trail to the Pale Tower goes the party.
And on that trail do they encounter a crow.
A magical, talking crow.
Neither Natural nor Planar, but Arcane is this crow.

And the crow doth try to pickpocket attack.
But fumble does the magic crow.
And so captured is the talking crow.
And then interogatted with truth spells he is.

Bargains are made with the crow.
Magical items are earned for his freedom.
And spying mirrors are given.
The wizard is happy with his magic brooch.

Off is sent the crow.
No more to steal from the party.
Instead he will pester the spy in the last town.
Goodbye new friend crow.

Oh and we got to the Tower and bluffed past the gate guards and then had to fight an ice troll.  Which left everyone less than 50xp from 4th level.
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A quick getaway is not in the cards for the party.  Instead of sneaking away from the village, the party gets in a battle.  Luckily, its two seperate fights against the Queen's Guards and each is handled by the group.  And THEN the party leaves town for the Pale Tower.
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With the party now in Irrisen and traveling with the NPC mom to the doll-ghost exposition happens.  But before reaching the nearest village, a night-time Skulk ambush.  They tried to steal our horses and other stuffs but instead got death.   Taste moose fury Skulks!

Anyway, we reach the village and its an almost exact duplicate of the original village.  Strange mystical convergance?  Deadly conspiracy?  Paizo not wanting to pay for two distinct maps?  Who can say!

What with being in a town, loots were divied, supplies were purchased and low-end magical gear was dangled just out of our collective buying power to taunt us for not being evil.  Also Bryon's cleric may have tipped off the local informant that dangerous adventures were about.  So that the session ends with the group preparing to flee towards the capitol.
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Most of this session was of the book-keeping variety.  Finalizing 3rd level upgrades, updating Bill's notes on the PCs and sorting the loot from the troll mini-boss.  Which included our second long-term magic item, a +1 boar spear of manhunting.  It resizes which was nice and holds a target on criticals.  Frazer ended up picking it for his halfling cavalier.  I also realized, given how frequent heavy snow terrain is likely to be ongoing, that feather step was better 1st level choice than entangle and Bill let me swap them.  After that we headed thru the portal to Irrisen.  Where more snow, shockingly.  And then we rescued some locals from a giant mantis and got some more back story.  Especially on the murder doll.

No wait, backing up.  Before heading into the portal an old and dying warrior stumbled out of it.  He was one of Baba Yaga's knights, the Black Rider and he info dumped the main plot of the Adventure Path.  Stopping one of Baba Yaga's daughters from her coup of Irrisen and creating a world of constant winter.  And by taking on the dying servant's task we got a new trait, the Black Rider's Mantle, which resulted in everyone getting to add a +2 to one of their stats.  I went with CON for more hit points.  THEN we rested and went thru the portal.
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Normally I'd recap, but Bill did a great one already.   Sooooo..YOINK:

Recap: The party made it to the Winter Portal...or at least an igloo camp located at the same spot on the map. After healing up Arasmus, who was promptly attacked by the soul doll he'd been carrying in his bag, the final leg of the journey led through heavy snow to a clearing where four igloos stood. Before investigating the igloos the party was attacked by a Thunderstone from above.

A group of winter touched fey including 3 Sprites led byan Atomie kept the fighters busy while a Moss Troll approached from the forest. The troll speared Fixlith, who was trying to get a bearing on the Atomie, critically injuring the Elven wizard. Stomper moved to aid and was also speared. Being harrased by a summoned eagle Fixlith managed to critically injure the troll using the Wand of Scorching Ray and Gnawbones and Stomper finished it off as Fixlith fell unconscious from his wounds.

Meanwhile, Situbu was in a battle for his life vs. the Atomie behind the igloo out of sight from his companions. After the troll was defeated Gnawbones was able to squeeze through the frozen tree to aid Situbu, who prevailed with the atomie on the end of his spear.

The snow settles and as the party heals Fixlith and the other injured members, you realize the winter portal is literally yards away.

That basically wrapped the part 2 of the module.  So far we are flying thru this thing.

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The session started with the group maneauvering through a field of ice boulders (with spooky moving shadows) in pursuit of a weird little girl.  Which led to a hut (on fake carved chicken legs) with a creepy doll with a magical gem eye.  So after some study, of course we took the doll with us.  After that was an ambush by that giant weasel, a small air elemental and another ice mephit.  After many, many low combat rolls the creatures were defeated.  With the mephit being finished off by Eric's wizard using some charges from his rented wand of scorching ray.  Which left my character FOUR xp short of third level. 
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Started off with everyone updating our character info for 2nd level for Bill's pc notes.  Then the party headed back to town again, though not before id'ing the magic cloak that was part of the bandit loot.  It was a pretty nice cloak too, a Cloak of the Yeti.  Free endure elements, barkskin and a +2 to intimidate.  So after deciding we'd go with the Buy-In for magic items (where a party member pays or agrees to pay in the future the wholesale value of the item to the group) I ended up picking it up for Gregor, my Hunter.  Then back to town and some "Princess" rescueing story awards and the exchange of piles of looted equipment for goods.  Including another war horse to go with the three we got from the bandits.  Then back to the Woods.

And despite bookkeeping and shopping we still managed to get in multiple encounters before calling the night.  Several Frost Firs, which seem to be cold climate variations on vegepygmies.  And a mephit.  Luckily we mostly made our saves against its spell attacks and it went down to multiple burning hands and ranged attacks.  And a few more of those frost skellies showed up as well.  And we found the remains of one of the local hunters, who seemed to have fallen to a giant weasel of some kind.  Luckily, for us not the dead guy, his gear included a couple of magic arrows with animal bane enchantments that the roommates' Investigator laid claim to.


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