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Swiss Army Man:  Started this very odd movie, but when Paul Dano started using his corpse buddy as a waterskin, I kind of had to tap out.

Arrow s.4: Neal McDonough's Demien Darhk is pure villainous joy.  Also John has a lousy brother, Felicity has a super-villain dad and Oliver has a son.  Plus John Constantine and Vixen.  Evil Magic Merc isn't the best flashback story, but its better than Hong Kong.

Bojack Horseman s.4: For Bojack this season has the most hopeful ending of the series.  I mean there are several romantic relationships that collapse, a drug overdose and some senior dementia.  And yet still the most upbeat ending in awhile.  Bonus: Potential new character that lets people type asexual axolotl.
Arrow s.5:  Prometheus isn't as fun as Dahrk was, but he is even more Evil Geniuser than previous main villains.  And a finale that brings back Nyssa, Merlyn, Slade AND Captain Boomerang.  And Laurel's Evil Twin!  And lastly Russian Bratva flashbacks with Dolph Londgren.

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the Girl With All the Gifts:  I imagine the scene at the start with all the kids in restraints would be extra freaky for someone coming at this movie cold.

the Tick s.1:  Not as zany funny as the cartoon, but much action-y than the previous live-action version.  I did like the expansion to Dot's character.  And the rest of the cast, main and supporting all do good work.  A little bit irritated at the whole release 1/2 a season and then the rest sometime next year thing.
Little Witch Academia s.2:  Basically the same as season 1, cute and amusing if slight.  Expected stories push Power of Friendship and the Real Magic is Believing in Yourself and so forth.
Arrow s.3: Early part of the season meanders a bit before focusing in on Ra's and the League of Assassins as the main foe.  And Amanda Waller (outside of when written by a very few writers) has motivations that just remain baffling, making the flashback portions weaker than previously.  But strong character work and some very strong episodes in the back-half.

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Siblings Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Riley Keough make plans to steal the concession money from the Charlotte Motor Speedway with the help of imprisoned Daniel Craig.  Multiple mini-capers and misdirections to the main heist.  Not quite as good as Soderbergh's Ocean's 11, as the cast don't have the perfect chemistry that one did.  But funny and clever and the main four cast members jell together very well.
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Arrow s.2: Brother Blood, the return of Count Vertigo, Clock King, Slade Wilson & flashback Professor Ivo & Slade Wilson.  Oh and the League of Assassins & some Suicide Squad Deadshot.

the Defenders:  I like Danny the Well-Intentioned Dumbass here better than Smug Ass or Self-Righteous Ass in his own series.  Several good fight sequences and some fight sequences that might have been good if they were in better lighting so I could follow them.  And the group interactions between both the leads and the their supporting characters was good.  Plus Sigourney Weaver and Scott Glen are always great.

Comrade Detective:  I found out this was a recently made satire and NOT a recovered bit of 80s era Romanian state media television.  Which moved it from a bonkers yet unintentionally brilliant piece of period propaganda to a pretty good satire of the buddy cop genre with amusing political comedy.  Basically when I thought it was "real" I would have ranked it an unintentional 5/5, but finding out it was "fake" moves it to an intentional 3.5/5.

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Okja:  One girl's quest to rescue her mutant giant pig friend from an evil AgriBusiness and their washed-up animal show host lackey.  With assistance from an animal liberation/rights group that somehow isn't terrible.

Legends of Tomorrow s.2.  I actually started with the finale of s.1 as that was about the maximum Vandal Savage and the Hawks I wanted to deal with.  Golden Age Vixen, Steel and the Legion of Doom were a much needed replacement.  Plus the JSA, King Arthur and Jonah Hex.

the Incredible Jessica James:  Entertaining romcom with former the Daily Show correspondant Jessica Williams and the IT Crowd's Chris O'Dowd.
American Ultra:  Basically What If the Jason Bourne movies were stoner comedies.  Jesse Eisenberg makes a surprisingly competent action guy, Topher Grace is unsurprisingly a super-face punchable government douchebag and even as midlevel CIA agent Connie Britton makes a great mom.
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The mostly autobiographical story of comic actor Kumail Nanjiani meeting his future wife Emily.  The twist of the clash of cultures vs. love romcom is that during the break-up portion of the story Emily is in a medically induced coma.  So Kumail gets to navigate the whole personal growth and family confrontation while worried the woman he loves might die. Which, no real spoiler as she co-wrote the movie, she doesn't.  But still very touching and funny.
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20th Century Women - good cast, barely there story, mildly funny, touching ending with a Where Did Everyone End Up.
Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust - best bit was probably the one involving puppy crucifixion.

Mr. Robot s.2 - less of a total head fuck than the first season (even with the reveal as to where Elliot actually was for half the season) but darker in some ways.  Grace Gummer was a great addition as FBI agent Dom.  Also more B.D. Wong as Whiterose.
Little Witch Academia s.1 - cute bit of anime fluff.

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From Dusk 'Till Dawn s.1:  I only watched the first three episodes and then the series finale.  And it was very much not good.  Even on a specialty tier network like El Ray I can't believe it got three seasons.  Making Richie Gecko's psychotic delusions actual psychic visions was..almost clever though.  And his actor was a step up from Tarantino.

Chewing Gum s.2:  I liked and even empathized with most of the characters in the first season.  This time around, I mostly just found them selfish and irritating.  Until the end when again they become more sympathetic again.

Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King:  Comedy special for Minhaj, who is a writer for the Daily Show.  Funny and good, but not great.  I liked the stuff from his childhood with his immigrant little sister the best probably.

Girlboss s.1:  I went looking for reviews after I finished and maaaaaan did a lot of reviewers hate this.  I wouldn't call it A-level television, but the actors were good, the overall story arc was interesting and it was often amusing at least.  Plus it has Hutch from the Middle.

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Haven s.1: Sort of based on one of King's novellas, though there are a couple call-outs that put the show somewhere in the King multiversal-canon.  Good but not great, with the X-Files-ish mix of "monster" of the week vs. over-reaching story arc episodes.  In this case the "monsters" are the "Troubled", or waves of pyschic power manifestations every generation.

GLOW s.1:  Dramedy based on the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling show from the 80s.  Great work from the leads Allsion Brie, Betty Gilpin and Marc Maron; though all the supporting cast are terrific.

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Fleabag s.1.  Phoebe Waller-Bridge's lead veers along from sympathetically tragic to frustratingly self-destructive.  And Waller-Bridge is charming enough to keep things just teetering on the more positive take.

F is For Family. s.2.  Opens with Frank still unemployed and the family dependent on wife Sue's not-Tupperware sales job.  Bill Burr and Laura Dern really sell the anger and love of the married couple and their hopes and crushing disappointments.  The characters and story arcs of the kids are good, but not as great.  As for the supporting cast stand-outs are Sam Rockwell as coked-up radio station manager Vic, T.J Miller's newspaper delivery middleman Randy and David Koechner adding more depth to the previous season's airline middle management Bob Pogo.

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Maria Bamford: Old Baby: Bamford's comedy special is as odd and funny as her sitcom.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt s.3  Kimmy goes to college!  Titus returns from his cruise!  Lillian runs for office!  Jacqueline (sigh) fights the Redskins ownership!

Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive:  Morgan's first show following his near fatal accident.

MST3K: Carnival Magic:  Oh man was this dull.  Its almost impressive how boring someone can make a movie featuring a talking chimp at a carnival be.

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Breaking Bad s.5:  There was a bit of a slog early on, basically when Walt's ego and pettiness get too irritating.  But man, those last four episodes.  Brutal.
Catastrophe s.3:  I'd planned on stretching this out for the whole weekend, but then I just couldn't wait to see where things were going to go.  Rob and Sharon are such broken, wonderful, vulgar, hilarious characters.  Plus Carrie Fisher returning as Rob's mom in the last episode.

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Mostly more of the MST3K relaunch.

MST3K: the Time Travellers
MST3K: Avalanche: Avaaaaaaaaaalanche
MST3K: the Beast of Hollow Mountain: Dullest cowboy vs. dinosaur movie ever.
MST3K: Starcrash
Chewing Gum: British comedy, so only 6-episode season. 20-something poor black woman and sex, drugs and family.
MST3K: the Land That Time Forgot: Before we even get to the dinosaurs (which of the three dino-themed movies so far, actually look the best) we have a U-Boat torpedo a ship. The survivors of that ship (including the token American hero and lady love interest/biologist) then capture the U-boat. Then the Germans take it back. Then by the time we get to the lost continent the Allied side is back in charge with no explanation.
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Documentary Now: S2. I generally haven't seen the original docs they're parodying, but there send up of "The Kid Stays in the Picture" is just fucking perfect in every way.
Pacific Heat: This was a poor choice. Like Archer if it wasn't funny and was poorly drawn and was Australian and just suuuuuuuuucked.
Captain Fantastic: If I could be anyone as a quasi-cultish off-the-grid dad attempting to raise a little army of "ideal" people its Viggo Mortensen. Also that attempting to raise a family totally off-the-grid is just not the best idea.
MST3K: S11 - "Reptilicus" & "Cry Wilderness". Only two episodes in, but so far I think the jokes were a little bit better for the 2nd (though the fx in the first really is just laughably bad).
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Movie was funny and clever and the Ghostbuster ladies were all great.  Though tumblr is very right in that Holtzman is the best.  And I liked the original cast cameos, though I think Akroyd got the best scene.  And the ghosts looked good plus somewhat creepy and the climatic action scene was very baller.  Though the economics of their funding and the whole walking around with portable nucleur reactors was very much hand-wavey.

The Boss

Apr. 20th, 2016 10:06 pm
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Melissa McCarthy is always entertaining, but I'd say this movie falls in the lower ranks of her movies.  Alongside Identity Thief or maybe Tammy (which I haven't seen).  Dinklage is also amusing as her obsessed, weirdo ex.  But the movie is more a sequence of amusing scenes rather than a comedic story as a whole.  The faux-Girl Scout vs. other faux-Girl Scout battle royale actually doesn't hold up as well as it did in the trailers.


Jul. 30th, 2015 04:42 pm
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The Amy Schumer written, Judd Apatow directed comedy doesn't have the satirical bite that the best bits of her show do.  But its still a damn funny movie.  Colin Quinn is perfect as her ailing father.  Especially in the opening when he's attempting to explain his divorce to who his two daughters using their dolls as a metaphor for his philandering ways.  And while John Cena is no Dwayne Johnson, he's surprisingly good as Amy's sort-of-sometimes boyfriend.  Also surprisingly effective, LaBron James as himself.  Even If I did wonder a bit why he seemed to be in NYC so often...


Jun. 12th, 2015 06:06 pm
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Director Paul Feig and star Melissa McCarthy pretty well knock this espionage/comedy out of the park. Ably assisted by the dead pan snark of Allison Janney, Jason Statham's over-the-top extreme action-ness and scrumptious sidekick-ery of Miranda Hart. Rarely has a dude's throat melting away from poison been used to such great comedic effect...


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