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Swiss Army Man:  Started this very odd movie, but when Paul Dano started using his corpse buddy as a waterskin, I kind of had to tap out.

Arrow s.4: Neal McDonough's Demien Darhk is pure villainous joy.  Also John has a lousy brother, Felicity has a super-villain dad and Oliver has a son.  Plus John Constantine and Vixen.  Evil Magic Merc isn't the best flashback story, but its better than Hong Kong.

Bojack Horseman s.4: For Bojack this season has the most hopeful ending of the series.  I mean there are several romantic relationships that collapse, a drug overdose and some senior dementia.  And yet still the most upbeat ending in awhile.  Bonus: Potential new character that lets people type asexual axolotl.
Arrow s.5:  Prometheus isn't as fun as Dahrk was, but he is even more Evil Geniuser than previous main villains.  And a finale that brings back Nyssa, Merlyn, Slade AND Captain Boomerang.  And Laurel's Evil Twin!  And lastly Russian Bratva flashbacks with Dolph Londgren.

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the Girl With All the Gifts:  I imagine the scene at the start with all the kids in restraints would be extra freaky for someone coming at this movie cold.

the Tick s.1:  Not as zany funny as the cartoon, but much action-y than the previous live-action version.  I did like the expansion to Dot's character.  And the rest of the cast, main and supporting all do good work.  A little bit irritated at the whole release 1/2 a season and then the rest sometime next year thing.
Little Witch Academia s.2:  Basically the same as season 1, cute and amusing if slight.  Expected stories push Power of Friendship and the Real Magic is Believing in Yourself and so forth.
Arrow s.3: Early part of the season meanders a bit before focusing in on Ra's and the League of Assassins as the main foe.  And Amanda Waller (outside of when written by a very few writers) has motivations that just remain baffling, making the flashback portions weaker than previously.  But strong character work and some very strong episodes in the back-half.

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20th Century Women - good cast, barely there story, mildly funny, touching ending with a Where Did Everyone End Up.
Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust - best bit was probably the one involving puppy crucifixion.

Mr. Robot s.2 - less of a total head fuck than the first season (even with the reveal as to where Elliot actually was for half the season) but darker in some ways.  Grace Gummer was a great addition as FBI agent Dom.  Also more B.D. Wong as Whiterose.
Little Witch Academia s.1 - cute bit of anime fluff.

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Haven s.2:  Several new long-term cast additions.  Notably Jason Priestly as Son of Mayor Charm and Adam "Edge" Copeland as Dwight the Cleaner.  Plus lots of Mythology mixed in with all the Monster-of-the-Week.  Especially for Duke's family history and the coy secret back-story of Dave & Vince.  Though going from the season finale to some kind of Christmas special is kind of weird.  They should probably have moved those around in the schedule.

Moana:  Rewatch, still gorgeous with great songs and perfect line-readings from Dwayne Johnson as Maui.

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Fleabag s.1.  Phoebe Waller-Bridge's lead veers along from sympathetically tragic to frustratingly self-destructive.  And Waller-Bridge is charming enough to keep things just teetering on the more positive take.

F is For Family. s.2.  Opens with Frank still unemployed and the family dependent on wife Sue's not-Tupperware sales job.  Bill Burr and Laura Dern really sell the anger and love of the married couple and their hopes and crushing disappointments.  The characters and story arcs of the kids are good, but not as great.  As for the supporting cast stand-outs are Sam Rockwell as coked-up radio station manager Vic, T.J Miller's newspaper delivery middleman Randy and David Koechner adding more depth to the previous season's airline middle management Bob Pogo.

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Documentary Now: S2. I generally haven't seen the original docs they're parodying, but there send up of "The Kid Stays in the Picture" is just fucking perfect in every way.
Pacific Heat: This was a poor choice. Like Archer if it wasn't funny and was poorly drawn and was Australian and just suuuuuuuuucked.
Captain Fantastic: If I could be anyone as a quasi-cultish off-the-grid dad attempting to raise a little army of "ideal" people its Viggo Mortensen. Also that attempting to raise a family totally off-the-grid is just not the best idea.
MST3K: S11 - "Reptilicus" & "Cry Wilderness". Only two episodes in, but so far I think the jokes were a little bit better for the 2nd (though the fx in the first really is just laughably bad).
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So missed a week due to being unable to actually find the comics shop's new location the first time. But made sure to bring the written down address the next time. So big pull of comics.

Paper Girls #13: Writer Brian K. Vaughn, Artist Cliff Chiang, Colors Matt Wilson, Letters + Design Jared K. Fletcher & Color flats Dee Cunniffe. Still more variations of time travel shenanigans.
Mighty Man #1: Story Erik Larsen, Art and colors Nikos Koutsis & Letters Ferran Delgado. Did not know anything about a new Dragon tie-in until seeing it at the store. Though it seems like another attempt at a Freak Force book, with new Mighty Man IV, Rapture II and Dart III to go with Super-Patriot, Barbaric, Horridus & Richochet.

ROM #8: Plot & script by Christos Gage & Chris Ryall, Pencils & inks by Paolo Villanelli, Colors by ALessandra Alexakis & Letters by Shawn Lee. G.I.Joe's Beachhead is still a doofus. Oh and Space Knight Orphion still just wants to cleanse the Earth and Space Knight Livia is torn between loyalty to her old boyfriend ROM and her Cleanse-the-Earth boss.
Jem and the Holograms #24 & #25: Written by Kelly Thompson, Art by Gisele Lagace, Colors by M. Victoria Robado & Letters by Shawn Lee. So the whole new drummer Raya vs. old drummer returning Shana is solved by just having Shana switch to playing bass in the band. So no drama there. Is drama from Jerrica letting her boyfriend know about Jem sorta being fake and about Synergy. Plus the reality crew trailing around for a scoop on Stormer (because the Misfits are doing a reality show in their mini-series). Oh and drama from the Stingers who are vacationing right next to the Holograms in Hawai'i. Such drama!

the Flintstones #10: Writer Mark Russell, Artist Steve Pugh, Colorist Chris Chuckry & Letterer Dave Sharpe. Vacuum Cleaner NOOOOOO! Truly he was the best of us.
Future Quest #11: Story Jeff Parker, Art Evan "Doc" Shaner, Colors Veronica Gandini & Letters ALW Studios' Dave Lanphear. Everyone teams-up to fight Omnikron. Space-Ghost & crew, the Herculoids, the Quests, Mightor, Frankenstein Jr, Birdman, the Impossibles, Deva, evil Dr. Zin. Everybody. FINALLY.

Lobster Johnson & the Pirate's Ghost #1: Story by Mike Mignola & John Arcudi, Art by Tonci Zonjic & Letters by Clem Robins. Man, I hadn't realized the ol' Lobster still hadn't finished off Boss Wald or his Henchman In White.

Giant Days #25: Created & written by John Allison, Pencils by Max Sarin, Inks by Liz Fleming, Colors by Whitney Cogar & Letters by Jim Campbell. Christmas with Susan's demi-seperated parents and her many, many older sisters.


Dec. 16th, 2016 05:25 pm
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The musical bits were very catchy and enjoyable.  And Auli'i Cravalho voices a charming and delightful lead.  Plus Dwayne Johnson oozes charisma even when being a giant butthead.  Also I liked the swerve for the final boss confrontation.  Of course now I want a Maui/Lilo & Stitch fight kaiju movie.  With musical numbers.
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This movie was a delight.  A beautiful stopmotion fairy tale.  Young story-teller Kubo ends up on a quest for magic mcguffins joined by Monkey the monkey and Beetle the cursed samurai.  Its also very melancholy despite a somewhat uplifting final battle solution.  A+ voice work.  I avoid 3d though so I don't know how much better or worse that version is.
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The first half has a kaiju vs. jaeger battle complete with inspirational theme music.  Then victory thru family, friendship and forgiveness...

Inside Out

Jul. 16th, 2015 11:57 pm
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The use of anthromorphic avatars to reperesent Riley's inner thoughts and emotions makes this one of PIxar's more evocative movies in a while.  Though the actual "people" end up being a little less well developed then their inner avatars.  Even the glimpses of the non-Riley Joy/Sadness/Anger/Digust/Fear quintets seem to have more depth than the people they inhabit.  But definitately one of Pixar's stronger films...

3 Movies

Feb. 6th, 2015 09:38 pm
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How to Train Your Dragon 2:  More cool dragons and giant dragon fights and a sad death, but still not quite as good as the first.  But only by a little bit...

Blackthorn:  Nice little Western set in Bolivia, where a semi-retired Butch Cassidy lives and runs a ranch after letting the world thinks he died.  With Sam Shepard playing the older Cassidy and Jamie Lannister as flash back Cassidy...

Crows: Episode Zero:  I'm somewhat ashamed to admit I could barely tell the various characters apart in this.  Mostly because they had like three outfits and two haircuts spread between a dozen named roles.  Anyway the movie is about a "bad" high school where the students battle it out to determine who will be, basically, King of the Hill.  With the two main contenders being the rich son of a gangster and the poor but super-tough kid.  Good fight scenes, confusing story arcs...

Big Hero 6

Dec. 9th, 2014 09:23 pm
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The general storyline is a fairly typical super team start-up.  It's a very well done and fun one with a more diverse cast than usual.  But still not much new here.  It's the robot Baymax and his purpose as a health provider and how that intersects with the grief of the lead character where the movie stands out.  That and the lush and vibrant visuals...

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I haven't done one of these in a while.  Which explains why so many movies.  Caught Million Dollar Arm in the theaters way back at the start of Summer.  Cute, formulaic Disney movie.  John Hamm is charming even when being a jack-ass.  And I like that they go looking for Indian cricket players to try and convert to baseball and get a pair of more general track and field types...

Also from the actual theater was the recent Dwayne Johnson Hercules.  Which reminded me more than a bit of his Scorpion King movie.  Together they make me wonder, if like Vin Diesel, Johnson also has an Awesome D&D Campaign I Really Want to Tell Everyone About...

Inside Llewyn Davis was wonderfully made, has some great folk music, great acting all round and a lead character I wanted to see die in an alley.  Fucking cat abandoner...

Blue is the Warmest Color is probably the first lesbian-centric romantic, coming-of-age movie that really earned its NC-17 rating.  I mean those were some seriously graphic and lengthy sex scenes.  Also looooooong movie...

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 wasn't as cute or charming as the original.  Still plenty of cuteness and food gags and charm.  Just not as much.  Also an actual villain rather than a more Person vs. Enviroment theme...

Earnest and Celestine is an adorabley sweet movie about a bear who wants to be a musician and not a lawyer and a mouse who wants to be an artist and not a lackey of the rodent dental industry.  And how they become best friends forever and ever...

Finally we've got the Lego Movie.  Which was not quite as Totally, Perfectlly Awesome as it was hyped.  But it comes dang close...
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3 Movies

Jun. 10th, 2014 09:04 pm
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Mud: Matthew McConnaughey really excells at playing Southern weirdos.  Here he's an on-the-run dude living on a sandbar after killing the son of a local Big Shot.  And gets two teens to help him restore a boat and play messenger to his girlfriend.  Lot of good work from the whole cast outside of McConnaughey actually...

In a World:  Can the daughter of one of Voice Over's great voices break thru the Boy's Club of voice over-ing and bring back the "In a World" for movie trailers?  A cute and amusing relationship comedy, lifted a bit above the run of the mill by its gimmick...

Frozen:  An enjoyable, if middle of the pack, Disney movie.  Only two really memorable songs, "Let It Go" and the Troll-matchmaking song.  Though both those were very good.  Good voice-acting all around though the story was a bit thin.  Plus the whole "You, new boyfriend!  Be in charge while I go get my sister back" bit was just so dumb.  Yes it furthers the story for whats his face.  But Queen Elsa has been Queen for like a couple hours.  And their parents had died three years earlier.  Which means their regent had to have been standing like right fucking there.  Enh, that part just really bugs me...
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I kind of feel like I shouldn't be counting Springbreakers or Don Jon as watched movies.  Since I didn't get very far into either.  I didn't even get to the spree crime bit of the former.  It was just sooooooo dull watching three college ladies try to find the money to party thru Spring Break.  Gave up well before James Franco shows up.  And as for the latter, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a really good actor.  So good that I truly hated his porn-addicted bro very quickly.  And so tapped out right around the movie date with ScarJo...

Cockneys Vs. Zombies didn't really bring anything terribly new to the zombie survival genre.  A group of Eastenders trying to rob a bank to save their grandfather's retirement home from demolition.  Which gets interupted by the sudden zombie infestation.  Very suddenly.  I mean they go out the door, cops all over the street.  Rush back into the back, spend about a minute grabbing some hostages and go out and street is all post-zombie attack.  Still a fun movie.  I mean someone drop kicks a zombie baby...

I spent part of 42 trying to figure what the most southern MLB team would have been then.  Did Atlanta have a team then?  I'm pretty certain it was well before Florida or Texas had a major franchise.  Anyway, great acting all around though I'm betting Robinson's recruitment wasn't as high intentioned as shown...

Monsters University is a..nice..enough prequel sequel.  Its nowhere near as touching as Monsters Inc.  I did like Nate Fillion's smug BMOC bad guy.  And there were lots of visually interesting monsters.  But still was a fairly cookie cutter college underdog movie...

And finally we've got White House Down, one of the better Die Hard at Blank type movies.  Much better than the last two actual Die Hard movies definitely.  This is the one with Jamie Foxx as NotObama and Channing Tatum as NotJohn McLaine.  I don't know when Tatum learned to loosen up his acting, but its a decided improvement over some of previous work...


Feb. 3rd, 2014 07:31 pm
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The Cat Returns:  Its that same old story told so often.  Girl rescues cat from traffic.  Kingdom of Cats declares themselves in her debt and mess with her life.  Girl goes for help from magical cat that used to be a statue.  Girl is kidnapped into the Kingdom of Cats.  You've probably seen it a million times...

Pain & Gain: Michael Bay should concentrate on making movies about stupid real life criminals instead of shaky cam giant robots and alien ninja turtles.  'Cause this was pretty darn entertaining...

Despicable Me 2:  Cute love story and Gru the Dad bits are great.  But there really isn't an antagonistic spark with the villain of the film like there was in the first one...


Dec. 27th, 2013 07:10 pm
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The Croods: This charming and funny movie about a "caveman" family in a hyper deadly world  deserved more attention than it got...

Kings of Summer: Not quite as good as the indy-darling hype would make it seem, but still quite good.  Nick Offerman is definitely a high point in it.  And the teenagers, even when showing how clever they are, remind you that teenagers are idiots and we were all lucky to survive that period...

Much Ado About Nothing (Whedon): I do love watching a well-crafted Shakespeare play even if I tend to get lost in the larger casts.  But all in all great work from Whedon and various of his actor pals...


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