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weasel luv 1
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Easily clears the low bar of being the best of the DC-Cinematic universe films.  And beyond that is a good film all on its own.  Gal Gadot shows a good deal more range and talent than I had been expecting.  The Paradise Island sequences are excellent, as are the Diana & Steve Go On a Quest.  Plus Pine & Gadot have some excellent chemistry, that makes the somewhat rushed romance feel believable.  Some of the mythological back-story is a bit of a mess, including the climatic Final Battle.  But a solid, entertaining and enjoyable movie.  If nothing else, gives some hope that the upcoming Justice League and Aquaman will also be worth seeing.
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Riverdale s.1
Jane the Virgin s.3
It always seems easier to binge from a device at work than my home tv.  Especially for those last 4 or 5 episodes of a season that sit on my dvr.  Love the way seasons for CW shows get uploaded so quickly to Netflix.

Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Caught up with the final two Netflix episodes, "the Christmas that Almost Wasn't" (so nauseously twee) and "At the Earth's Core" (more Doug McClure vs. ERB adaptation).  Between the latter and "the Land that Time Forgot" I kind of wish there had been a John Carter of Mars movie in the 60s with McClure.

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Heroines #1: Script & Art Ted Naifeh & Letters Taylor Esposito.  Naifeh doing a cape book.  And I'm always down for new Naifeh ladies.

Lobster Johnson & the Pirate's Ghost #3: Story by Mike Mignola & John Arcudi, Art by Tonci Zonjic & Letters by Clem Robins.
Aliens: Dead Orbit #1 & #2 by James Stokoe.  Stokoe rocks on doing scifi horror as much as he does on giant monsters or crazy fantasy.

Saga #43: Art by Fiona Staples, Written by Brian K. Vaughn & Letters & Design by Fonografiks.  Start of a new arc and the aftermath of Alana's miscarriage.
Southern Cross #12: Story Becky Cloonan, Art Andy Belanger, Colours Lee Loughridge & Letters Serge LaPointe.  The end of the Romulus mining rig and the return of the Southern Cross.
Monstress #12: Written by Marjorie Liu, Illustrated by Sana Takeda & Lettered by Rus Wooton.  Maika/Zinn vs. Lord Rohar and the end of the second arc.

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blep face kitty
blepperluggage cat 2
luggage cat 1mmmm sun
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And so we officially begin "Crown of Fangs", the final installment of the Curse of the Crimson Crown.  And everyone is back with their character's from the last module almost three years ago.  My pirate captain, the elven magus Fenyx Asher; Bill's halfling cleric of Shelyn, Terry (with celestial hound mount/follower); Frazer's fighter Krogar (with witch follower); Eric's arcane archer Thrumm and Matt back in the group with his wizard Sillius.  Following a not-so-short loot division and shopping we teleported back to Korvosa where Queen Ileosa's enthrallment to her hat continued.

The party met with the various NPCs/rebel leaders from the previous modules and got the general Sub-quests that needed to be compleated before charges could be brought against the Evil Queen, parliamentary style!  Anyway, next session should see us going after one of the items on that list, a new "hero" who has been taking down groups of fake rebels.

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Orphan Black s.4:  Krystal, Investigative Cosmetician, made for a surprisingly strong character addition to the Leda sisterhood.  Evie was sadly not the strongest antagonist for the season.  Which did serve to accentuate the return of Rachel, Queen of Evil at the end of the season.

Anne With An E s.1: This was a smidgen darker than I was expecting for an adaptation of Canada's most beloved YA book.  Good though.

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Saucer State #1: Writer Paul Cornell, Artist Ryan Kelly, Colorist Adam Guzowski & Lettering Simon Bowland.  Cornell continues <i>Saucer Country</i> with a new publisher and altered title.  Starting right up after the election of President Arcadia Alvarado, whose investigation into who or what abducted her interrupted by an unexpected global event.

Lumberjanes #38: Written by Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh, Illustrated by Ayme Sotuyo, Colors by Maarta Laiho & Letters by Aubrey Aiese.  Parent's Day Scavenger hunt, Team Ripley vs. Team April.

Rat Queens #3: Writer Kurtis J. Wiebe, Artist Owen GieniLetterer Ryan Ferrier.  And introducing the golden members of military adventurers, The Chorus; Chloe, Burke Baron, Sage & Blue.

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cat claims cowmouse the catsecret catbunnygramma catchickens cat
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Maria Bamford: Old Baby: Bamford's comedy special is as odd and funny as her sitcom.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt s.3  Kimmy goes to college!  Titus returns from his cruise!  Lillian runs for office!  Jacqueline (sigh) fights the Redskins ownership!

Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive:  Morgan's first show following his near fatal accident.

MST3K: Carnival Magic:  Oh man was this dull.  Its almost impressive how boring someone can make a movie featuring a talking chimp at a carnival be.

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Grrl Scouts: Magic Socks #1: Created, Written & Drawn by Jim Mahfood, Colored & Lettered by Justin Stewart & Designed by Carmen Acosta.  So I guess there was a volume 2 back in 2004 that I missed or forgot about?
The Wicked & the Divine: 455 AD: Writer Kieron Gillen, Artist Andre Aruajo, Colourist Matthew Wilson, Letterer Clayton Cowles & Flatter Dee Cunniffe.  One-shot of the final days of the 5th Century Pantheon.
Invincible #136: Writer Robert Kirkman, Penciler & Inker Ryan Ottley, Colorist Nathan FairbairnLetterer Rus Wooton.  I've got a feeling Thragg's poor parenting choices are going to be part of his downfall.

the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #20: Writer Ryan North, Artist Erica Henderson, Color artist Rico Renzi & Letterer Travis Lanham.  Its a bear dressed as Dr. Doom!  Bear Von Doom!

Knights of the Dinner Table #243: EiC Jolly R. Blackburn, Development team Steve Johansson, David S. Kenzer, Brian Jelke & Barbara Blackburn.  Gary Jackson running a HackMaster session for Gordo, Crush, Patty, B.A. & Brian.

Astro City #44: Writer Kurt Busiek, Penciller Rick Leonardi, Inker Andre Parks, Lettering & design John Roshell & Jimmy Betancourt of Comicraft & Color art Peter Pantazis.  Kittyhawk the Cat with guest Rocket Dog the Dog.

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Finished up the final parts of "Snows of Summer".  Which mostly involved looting the tower (and the defeated witch from last session) and closing the winter-causing portal to Taldor.  Though the looting did lead to Brendan's Erasmus getting cursed twice, first by a trap and then by a ring he thought was a ring of regeneration but was not.  Luckily, Eric's mage had an arcane remove curse scroll for the first and we were able to get a divine version back in town for the second.  After that it was all bookkeeping and loot divvying.

Next session should be the return to Brendan's "Curse of the Crimson Throne" campaign and starting the final module "Crown of Fangs".  Which for me means finishing up a level 15 version of Fenyx Asher my Magus.

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MST3K: Wizards of the Lost Kingdom
MST3K: Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II : So David Carradine, as the heroic the Dark One, and his exotic dancer wife and the comedic incompetance of the "heroic" wizard leads actually elevate this to Hawk the Slayer levels of terrible.

Master of None, s.2 : I know not everyone likes them, but some of my favorite bits involve show runners Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang's parents.  Sure they can't act and thus give very stiff line readings, but that adds to their charm for me.  And while I didn't hate Francesca, her latter story lines definitely felt the weakest.  Hopeful that Ansari and Yang do a 3rd season.

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Copperhead #13: Writer Jay Faerber, Artist Drew Moss, Colorist Ron Rily & Letterer Thomas Mauer.  More investigating into the death of the mayor.  Also Sheriff Bronson's escaped convict ex-husband looks for alternate transportation.

Future Quest #12: Story Jeff Parker, Art Evan "Doc" Shaner, Colors Veronica Gandini & Letters ALW's Dave Lanphear.  Strong ending for a meandering story.  Sadly I think this book worked more in theory than actual execution.
Bug! The Adventures of Forager #1: Storytellers Lee & Michael Allred, Colorist Laura Allred & Letterer Nate Piekos of Blambot.  New 4th World/Kirby inspired Young Animal-line book.  Very Madman feel to it.  I'm looking forward to seeing where this all goes.

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GotG 2 follows the normal sequel rule of "what you did the first time, but more", but happily is one of the rare occasions where that works.  Its helped in this immensely by the sheer charm of Kurt Russel as Star-Lord's long missing father.  Plus lots of character growth side-stories for most of the cast.  And just how crazy adorable Baby Groot is.

Lots of easter eggs and cameos, with the stand-out probably being Stallone, Ving Rhames and others as Ravager captains/original GotG members.  Though really Mr. Gunn, FIVE post-script scenes?  I left after the Adam Warlock one so missed the teen Groot and SECOND Stan Lee cameo.
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Empowered and the Soldier of Love #3: Story by Adam Warren & Art by Karla Diaz.  Diaz is a delight, she can draw both a magical girl familiar pangolian AND a magic girl weapon love/assualt rifle.  Also A++ for Emp's verbal (congruent with physical) smackdown of the Soldier of Love.

the Damned: Ill-Gotten #1: Written by Cullen Bunn, Illustrated by Brian Hurt, Colored by Bill Crabtree & Lettered by Crank!  I do appreciate that this new entry into the series spells out that the demons are magically disguised as humans in the sight of the non-damned mortals.

Giant Days #26: Written by John Allison, Pencils by Max Sarin, Inks by Liz Fleming, Colors by Whitney Cogar & Letters by Jim Campbell.  Poor Dean.  Poor love-sabotaged, heart-broken Dean.  No waits, we hates Dean.  His tears are like sweet wine for our soul.

Paper Girls #14: Writer Brian K. Vaughan, Artist Cliff Chiang, Colors Matt Wilson, Letters & Design Jared K. Fletcher & Color flats Dee Cunniffe.  Oooh.  A glyptodon.  Such a cute giant armadillo beast.

The Flintstones #11Writer Mark Russell, Artist Steve Pugh, Colorist Chris ChuckryLetterer Dave Sharpe.  Not surprising given the Spring Breakers we met originally, but the Great Gazoo's people are a giant pack of assholes.  Still some quick thinking by Earth's resident park ranger means our species isn't doomed.

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MST3K: the Loves of Hercules:  Just when you think the art of fx monstering couldn't get any lower we meet...the Hydra.
MST3K: Yongary: Well, this Korean kaiju is certainly no Hydra or Beast of Hollow Mountain.  But it sure ain't no the Host either.
Sens8. s.2:  I love this show and I love the cluster but I'm really starting to notice how movie magical hacking Nomi and her crew's haxxors are.
Dear White People, s.1: Oh this was good.  Even better than the movie its sort-of a sequel to.


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