Apr. 14th, 2017

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Before getting started on the "Orient Express" campaign we played a couple games of the Dresden Files Card Game. Basically a co-op board game adapted from the Fate System rules where you're attempting to solve on the books using an assortment of characters from the whole series. First we tried "Fool Moon" with Harry (one player always has to be Harry), Mouse, Sanya (me), Molly and Thomas. We lost, with it all coming down to a roll of six Fate dice.

The next time we tried "White Knight" with Harry, Karrin, Sanya (still me), Ramirez and Butters. Again it came down to single roll of six dice. And again we lost after a zero result.

Then we got back to CoC, with the same group of Wooster & Jeeves and my giant Hawai'in. This first session was basically set-up, with us arriving in London, some avoiding of Wooster's family and then attending a Challenger lecture on ghosts by our main contact. Then waiting to hear back from said contact about what we were going to be tasked with investigating. But before that, a mysterious fire and three dead men with the same name. So that is where we'll start next time.


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