Apr. 5th, 2017

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Well that was adequate. ScarJo is a decent actor who is also good at action bits, but thats not news. The rest of it is pretty shallow. Evil Corporate Jerk is an Evil Corporate Jerk whose motivation, one assumes, is money. But you've got to wonder exactly how engaging in illegal activities while making a single cyborg super-cop actually makes a profit.

Anyway lots of missed opportunities to tell something deeper. Melding of man and machine. Prevalence of technology over the natural world. Subverting the whole casting issue by steering right into the whole turning an Asian teenage girl into a white woman.

Also I didn't really buy into the original bad guy is actually a good guy thing. I mean, yeah righteous furious vengeance against the Evil Corporate Jerk. But to do so its implied he mind wipes random people and then implants cover identities over his fanatic assassin personalty. I mean the person I was most sympathetic to in the movie was the poor garbage guys who get turned into killers.


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